Patio Lighting: Ideas an Electrician in Charlotte, NC Will Suggest

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Electrician

It would be great to use the patio more often at night, but the illumination from the security light is a little too much. Since the owner is not crazy about hauling portable lights outside every time the desire for outdoor dining or a party comes to mind, it makes sense to talk with an electrician in Charlotte NC about different patio lighting options. Here are some approaches that are worth considering.

Paver Lights

There are lights designed to fit neatly within the body of pavers. Since they can be used to create a border around the patio, the right number and proper placement of several paver lights will provide the soft light the owner has in mind. Since the lighting is around the border, it also helps to define the space visually and will make it easier to decide how to arrange the patio furniture for the best possible effect.

Drop Lighting

If the patio happens to include a fixed awning over part of all of the space, consider drop lighting as a way to add the right touch to the area. Instead of a single light, go with three to five smaller lights hung at varying heights. This helps to add architectural detail to the space and give the patio a cozier look.

For some added effect, install a dimmer switch to control the amount of ambient light. If the plans for the patio call for an intimate dinner for two, dim the lights, so they don’t interfere with the mood set by the candles on the table. When it’s party time, use the dimmer switch to ensure the lights are illuminating every corner of the patio.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is not just for the living room. It’s possible to install this type of lighting along the exterior wall adjoining the patio. Make sure it’s high enough to be out of the way but low enough to provide the illumination needed to make the space usable with little to no additional lighting.

If the patio could use some lighting help, call the team at Gowdy Electric today. An electrician in Charlotte NC will come to the home, take a look at the patio, and discuss different strategies with the homeowner. It won’t take long to come up with the ideal approach and have the new lighting installed.

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