Seeing AA Plumbing in Cincinnati OH: Repairs for the Often Overlooked Drain Baskets

It is a little embarrassing to see such a simple resolution to a seemingly complex problem. Plumbers see it all the time when they tell a homeowner they turned their faucet on too high or forgot to plug in the garbage disposal.

The ultimate in simple plumbing fixes is the thing that can go so easily overlooked. The drain basket is a common culprit for what could seem like a big kitchen sink problem. AA Plumbing in Cincinnati OH could get that drain basket back in working order.

Where is the Drain Basket?

The drain basket is as it sounds-;the tiny basket that separates the water as it enters the piping and helps hold up large chunks that should not enter the water. The drain basket is the one thing stopping water from just entering freely, and it helps protect the interior piping.

Can it Go Bad?

A drain basket may seem like just a grate to stall water flow and protect the piping, but it has an extra essential component. The drain basket has a seal, and this is where it can go bad. The seal has an extra layer that sticks to the lining of the pipe where it meets the sink. This suppresses leaking.

The peculiar thing is that most homeowners do not have a lot of knowledge about plumbing, and it is a notoriously unfriendly area for DIY repairs. Homeowners can only realistically see the problem from the sink above or the cabinet below the sink. The moment a homeowner starts to take apart the plumbing, they have opened up a huge can of worms. It is not like a person can just easily “pop in and see.” The irony is the problem could exist solely at the top and at the level of the drain basket. This would circumvent the need for any piping removal and major reinstalling.

The best answer to resolving the problem is to call AA Plumbing in Cincinnati OH. Not all plumbing calls are expensive, and the problem could be extremely minor. Furthermore, homeowners can learn from the efforts of the plumber by observing and asking questions. Drain baskets can go bad, and the problem could be simple. It could also be anything but. Visit the Website for more information on plumbing repairs.

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