Security and the Small Business

Do you think that the words “big data” don’t apply to you? It’s easy to look at significant data breaches like those at Equifax and believe that nobody in a million years would ever look at your data and website as a target for hackers. You would be surprised – very surprised and unpleasantly, too. The brutal truth reported by CNBC is that up to sixty percent of small business websites can expect to be hacked. Why?

Data is Valuable

Credit card numbers are not the only reason that hackers go looking for smaller fish. Account information for a small business or professional practice contains a lot of personal information, too. Recently, hackers have taken to seeding sites with malware to do everything from mine cryptocurrency to holding computers and databases for ransom. Compromised servers can even be hooked into a botnet for DDoS attacks. So, no server or computer can be said to be safe unless it’s professionally and punctiliously maintained and updated. For this reason, the care of a dedicated SQL database should not be entrusted to anyone but an experienced hosting company.

Expertise is Defense

Whatever your hosting plan covers, be aware that the damage from a hack or the financial losses is often not covered by a business insurance policy. A “hacking insurance policy” is a separate type of insurance that some small businesses may not be able to afford. A proactive approach is a small company’s best bet. Waiting until a hack happens is a bad idea. Customers and clients trust your business enough to deal with online, to store and protect their vital data. Letting them down can have serious long-term consequences for your business. Work with Planet Hosting to secure your dedicated SQL database, and keep your data and site safe from hackers.

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