Do You Need Dental Crowns and Bridges? See a Dentist in Lakeview

Dental crowns and bridges are dental appliances that help to protect and restore your teeth. Dentists in Lakeview can easily take you through the process to a better smile.

The Procedure

The first thing a dentist will do is reduce the tooth in size with a drill. This is done so a crown or a bridge can fit over the top of it. Once the tooth is reduced, the dentist takes an impression, which is later used to make a mold for the appliance. The dentist also chooses the right color for the crown or bridge at this point. The do their best to match your natural tooth color. Once this is done, the dentist sends the mold and information to a lab. This is where the crown or bridge is made.

Why Choose a Bridge?

If you are missing a tooth, or even a couple of teeth, a bridge is an excellent option. Each bridge has a crown, which is affixed to the ground down tooth. The bridge literally bridges the gap left by the missing tooth/teeth, and in most cases, it has another crown, which is attached to another tooth. The bridge is cemented onto the teeth, and they last for many years.

Why Choose a Crown?

A crown is a single tooth-shaped appliance that is, unlike a bridge, cemented to a single tooth. A crown helps to strengthen a natural tooth, and it helps to improve the alignment and appearance of the teeth. Most crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic, and they look very much like a natural tooth. They also might be made of metal, such as gold alloy, which is extremely strong and durable.

To learn more about dental crowns and bridges, contact Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park near Lakeview.

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