Secret Tips for Professional Photo Printing

There are some photographers out there that are just both with the ability to capture images at the exact moment when lighting and composition come together in the perfect shot. Others are destined to spend years studying the art and science of photography.

However, photographers of all walks of life can benefit from learning the secrets of post-production. Professional photo printing can fine tune any image with technology that really makes them pop.

Do Not Fear Contrast

Most photographers know what it is like to take a shot that they thought was perfectly dramatic, only to have it look flat in the print. One of the main reasons that this happens is because there is a lack of contrast between white and black. During professional photo printing, the lab can tweak the contrast to create the ideal balance.

All Part of the Process

The technology of digital printing today makes is much easier to color correct and retouch photographs prior to printing. Inkjet printing is the most frequently used type of photo processing done today by professional photo labs. The reason for this is that this type of printer can distribute inks with a pigment base to produce results with a high resolution.

There is a process known as Giclée printing that uses micro bursts of ink to create a defined, crisp image that is of a high enough quality to hang in any gallery. Such digital inkjet printers are perfect for the creation of large prints because there is no need to sacrifice resolution or quality.

New Materials to Create New Images

The professional grade printers used today have the ability to transfer images to both non-traditional and traditional types of media. For example, you can choose high quality professional photo printing on glossy or matte photographic paper. If you prefer a more dramatic effect, you can use plastic materials that will provide a backlighting effect. Another popular option is canvas, which is especially ideal for Giclée prints. The reason for this is because it will automatically provide a finish that is ready for display or gallery exhibition.

The Difference a Little Retouching Can Make

There is a definite art to professional photo printing in their natural state. However, even in a home darkroom, you may need to adjust the tone or contrast of an image. With the wide range of retouching programs that are available in professional laboratories in Connecticut, it is possible to manipulate the tiniest corners of your photograph.


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