Don’t Buy New: Make Your Next Purchase A Refurbished Stress Treadmill

When it comes to being cost effective and efficient with purchases, buying new is often a good decision, especially with the larger dollar purchases for hospital and medical equipment.

However, with some types of equipment buying new makes very little economic sense and offers little in the way of the latest in technology and design. A good example of this with the purchase of a refurbished stress treadmill. Buying new will cost hundreds of dollars more and will not result in any significant benefits for the clinic or medical facility. It also won’t provide a significantly better warranty for the cost difference, something that is worth considering.

Design Stability

Treadmills used for stress testing really don’t change in their design or in their compatibility with computer systems. Buying a refurbished stress treadmill that you know will operate with your current system is all that is important. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a refurbished and a new model, particularly when the refurbishing service is a top provider or quality equipment.

It will be important to stay with a brand name that has a top reputation. There is no value in buying an off-brand or an unknown brand either in a new model or a refurbished model. By choosing the refurbished options, you will find you can often choose the top of the line in treadmill options from a reputable company such as GE or Quinton.

Treadmill Features

Check the specifications of the treadmill with regards to maximum weight, walking surface and the various speed differences between different treadmills. This will allow you to choose the refurbished stress treadmill that will most effectively be used for all of your patients.

Low maintenance requirements and a quiet operating system on the treadmill will be important considerations over and above the compatibility issues with your stress test system. The fewer moving parts to the system the lower the maintenance and the less chance of any type of failure or costly repairs.

Maximum control over the operational speed of the system will also be an important factor, particularly in peak stress echo imagining where rapid deceleration is required.

Take the time to compare different models and options in stress treadmills. Compare the prices and features on the new and the refurbished models to be able to see the value in choosing the refurbished option.

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