Secondary Conditions in Drug Abuse Patients

According to a study published in the Journal of Addictive Disorders, more than 70% of those who had some form of substance addiction also suffered from a mental illness. As more people seek treatment for alcoholism, or look for drug rehabs in Utah, the underlying issues need to be addressed before the individual can become free of their addiction. Findings by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, found that more than 50% of those living with a dial diagnosis did not receive proper intervention or treatment.

Understanding the Role Dual Diagnosis Plays

The secondary or underlying problems in a dual diagnosis are mental health issues. This can range from schizophrenia and anxiety, to eating disorders and depression. For some individuals, the addiction to drugs or alcohol is a coping mechanism for the mental illness, for others the depression or eating disorder came as a way to cope with the substance abuse. In order to receive the proper medical treatment, a person may need to be evaluated for both their addiction and mental acuity, as well as treated for both. If only the addiction is treated while the mental illness is ignored, the relapse rate will be nearly 100% within the first year.

Treating the Drug Addiction and Mental Illness

As one of the best drug rehab center in Utah, at Alpine Recovery Lodge residents will receive treatment for their dual diagnosis to help make their recovery successful. Without just focusing on one or the other, the person will receive a custom tailored therapy program to address the drug dependency as well as the mental health issue. Many of the alternative therapy methods here are extremely successful and are being used at more and more centers across the United States. Art therapy, nature therapy and spiritual therapy are all popular and gaining respect as being acceptable alternatives to more harsh medical intervention.

Taking the First Step

Very few people living with a dual diagnosis are ever given the proper treatment they need to overcome it. Some receive mental health treatment, others enroll in drug rehabs, but only a tiny fraction of those receive the proper treatment for both disorders simultaneously. Unless both the addiction and the mental health illness are treated at the same time, no treatment will be successful. For those looking to take the first step, there are a range of options available that can address both sides of your dual diagnosis. The sooner you decide to take action, the sooner you can move away from your dependencies and addictions.

When searching for the best drug rehabs in Utah, consider the various medical and alternative treatment programs offered by Alpine Recovery Lodge.

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