Commercial Automatic Gate Systems for Securing a Facility

The purpose of automatic gates is to control access to a secured area. It also controls vehicle and population access on and off of a facility or site. Generally, these gates are used at entrance ways to the facilities. Some automatic gates can be used on the interior of facilities such as those used inside parking garages or as a second tier of security at government facilities.

Commercial Automatic Gate systems consist of two components, the gate and the gate operation. The gate is the physical piece that opens and closes and can be metal or wood. This piece attaches to the fencing that encompasses the whole of the facility or is attached to nothing such as parking garage operations. The gate operation is the mechanical portion that controls the movement of the gate. Gate operations are electrical and can be chain, hydraulic or gear driven.

The most common type of gates for Commercial Automatic Gate systems is the slide, cantilever, vertical lift and vertical pivot, swing, and barrier arm. There are also many types of accessories that can be used with an automatic gate such as intercom and surveillance systems. Intercoms provide a way for a customer to contact the personnel inside the facility in order to request rights to come inside. Video surveillance can be single or multiple video cameras attached to a recording device. These are used to record all activity in and out of the facility, as well as any misconduct occurring around the gate.

This is just some of the basic information available regarding automatic gate systems. Purchasing one of these gates can be expensive so making a clear decision initially can save money in revisions and changes later on. Going with the cheapest gate is not always the best option, as there could be a larger maintenance issue in the future with the least expensive gates. There are many sites that can give more detailed information on types of gates and accessories as well as pricing and recommendations based on need and size of the facility. Visit website for more of these details on commercial gates. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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