Screenings and Services Offered by Wichita Family Medicine Specialists

Wichita Family Medicine Specialists have established numerous programs to help ensure that every member of the family gets the preventative care that they need. Regardless of age, everyone should have regular wellness exams and take advantage of other helpful services like flu immunizations that are readily available at their local clinic. Health screenings are also important, and different needs appear during every stage of life and vary some between men and women.

Newborns and infants should be screened for genetic disorders and metabolic diseases. They should also receive testing to ensure they are negative for iron deficiency anemia, tuberculosis or lead poisoning. Their hearing should be tested shortly after birth and eye exams should be an annual tradition. It is also important to make certain children are meeting the right developmental milestones so that any concerns can be addressed early.

Women need to have basic health screenings to check for high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and diabetes, but there are many other tests that are equally as important. Cervical cancer, breast cancer, and STD screenings are also suggested for most women, and many can begin having these tests performed as early as the teenage years. Senior aged women should also consider adding bone density screenings and colorectal testing.

For men, the same basic testing women undergo is important for men as well. They should also schedule the test for colon cancer with regular prostate exams after age 50 and undergo regular abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. One test that many men neglect to consider, often because they believe it is only a concern for women, is osteoporosis testing. Any man with risk factors like being a former smoker or a family history of osteoporosis should have bone density screening soon after turning age 70.

Wichita Family Medicine Specialists provide a wide array of preventative care programs as well as numerous other health care services including laboratory testing, minor surgeries and emergency services and expertly prepared health treatment plans. Anyone in need of a new medical practice to take care of the needs of themselves or any member of their family should contact visit us website. Contact them today to schedule an appointment.

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