Finding Efficient Moving and Storage Services in Chicago

The process of finding a good moving and storage agency can seem daunting but if you do your research and shop around, it can save you a lot of money and stress.

Using One Agency for Relocation and Storage
Choose an agency that has a variety of options such as full service moving, packing and unpacking, short term and long term storage and more. It’s important to look into the security and insurance promises of the company. They should be able to cover product damage due to extreme circumstances. When looking to store your items, be sure to choose a warehouse that is climate-controlled and secured with 24/7 monitoring.

There are many options when it comes to moving and storage. Chicago houses a variety of agencies that can provide you with award-winning service. By using one agency to service your relocation and storage needs, you not only cut down on confusion but usually your bill. It’s also smart to choose an agency that knows your region.

Steps to finding the best moving and storage services:

Get Recommendations
Ask family, friends, coworkers and even local real estate agents who they suggest. Take these suggestions and do your research online. See who is closest to you, has the best rating or is advertising a good deal. Call the Better Business Bureau or email the American Moving and Storage Association to see if they are in good standing.

Ask for an Estimate
Once you’ve narrowed your search down to three companies, ask them for estimates. For moves within state, rules about estimates vary but can at least narrow things down. Interstate moves are typically based off of weight of the items you’re moving and the distance of the move.

Compare Bids and Choose Your Movers
Look at your bids and rank them. Make a list of questions and call to ask about anything that you don’t understand. You might even have some power to negotiate! Once you choose the agency that best suits your needs, double check their license and insurance to make sure everything is legal and then get a binding contract in writing.

Now that you’ve chosen your mover, make an inventory list of everything you own. Decide what is going to your new place and what is going to storage. Pack and cover things as needed, or use the agency you chose to handle all of your needs.

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