Scrap Metal Recycling for Businesses

If you’re in the restaurant business, you might not think about scrap metal. The metal that an average restaurant goes through per day can be a source of income, rather than going out in the trash. When you think about things like tinfoil, soda cans, pizza platters, and other metals that are used every day, you would be surprised how it all adds up. Likewise, for the plumbing contractor, there is often significant wastage a copper scrap that could be reclaimed and monetized. Metal recycling is often thought of as people bringing overflowing shopping carts of soda cans to local recycling stations, but in Los Angeles, significant amounts of metal can be recycled and in turn add more padding to the bottom line.

What Metals Are Recyclable?

You might have a significant amount of metal that is moving for your business, only to end up going out in the trash when you could be recycling it and reclaiming some of the cost of materials. Some of the metals most in demand are –

• Aluminum: Everyone knows about aluminum foil, but this metal is used in everything from cookware to airplanes. It’s a very common metal, but because it is not very strong, it is usually combined with another metal to create an alloy.

• Brass or bronze: Brass is an alloy made from combining copper and zinc, while bronze is commonly made by combining copper with tin. These are mostly used for decorative purposes and as plumbing fixtures.

• Copper: Copper is increasingly popular as a jeweler’s metal because of its vivid coloration. Its primary use is in plumbing, electrical wiring, and in making the ever-popular penny.

• Iron: Most iron is used to make steel, which is an alloy of iron and carbon. However, iron is popularly used to make cookware and decorative ironwork elements.

• Steel: Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, but that only tells part of the story there is an enormous number of steel alloys in use in every industry. For instance, The Balance notes that there are 3500 grades of steel in four different classes – carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and tool steel.

Weighty Problem with Simple Solution

When your business has metal disposal needs, consider working with a local Los Angeles professional in metal recycling. Smart Recycling works with some different industries to broker scrap metals from our customers and gets the best possible price. Turn write off into cash pocket and find out just how metal recycling can help your business.

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