Important Tasks of Pet Grooming in Lenexa, KS for Happy, Healthy Pets

Pet grooming is an essential part of pet care. It encompasses several tasks, all of which are meant to promote the health and well-being of the pet. Some tasks of grooming, such as brushing the fur, can be carried out by pet owners at home. However, some owners prefer to save time and trouble by seeking out professional groomers to perform the tasks for them. There are three tasks of Pet Grooming in Lenexa KS that should be carried out on a regular basis. These are bathing the pet, trimming the nails, and brushing the teeth.

Bathing the Pet

A happy, healthy pet is one with fresh skin and fur. A pet with normal skin should be bathed about once a month with a special dog shampoo or a human baby shampoo. These shampoos are designed to be very gentle on delicate or sensitive skin. If more than one bath a month is needed, a moisturizing shampoo should be used so that the pet’s skin does not dry out and become itchy. Daily brushing can help keep a pet clean between baths.

Trimming the Nails

Just like a human’s nails, a pet’s nails should be trimmed on a regular basis to prevent overgrown and ingrown nails. Overgrown nails can get caught in carpets and snag on sidewalks, causing injury to the pet. Ingrown nails can become swollen and painful to the pet. A good rule of thumb is to provide the pet with a nail trim when the tips of the nails touch the ground when they are standing.

Brushing the Teeth

Dental disease is one of the most common pet ailments. It is common to overlook symptoms such as bad breath in pets, chalking it up to the pet having eaten something bad or the pet just having normal dog breath. However bad breath in pets is not normal and is indicative of periodontal disease. Special pet toothbrushes and kinds of toothpaste are available and should be used for daily brushing of a pet’s teeth.

Falcon Valley Animal Hospital is able to provide full-service Pet Grooming in Lenexa KS. An expert groomer is available five days a week who will provide your pet with a breed-specific, customizable cut but also trim the pet’s nails and check the anal glands. Baths and dental cleanings are also available. Detailed grooming records are kept for each pet to ensure they receive the best service. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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