Save Money This Summer With Help From J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Summer is on its way, and most homeowners aren’t ready to face the rising temperatures. The thing is, most homeowners don’t think to check their cooling appliance before the beginning of Summer. Because it’s gone so long without care during the winter months, a cooling appliance is especially in need of service at the beginning of Summer. Service providers recommend two service visits per year. During service visits from J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX, three major parts will be checked in order to make sure the appliance is running at peak efficiency.

The unit itself will need to be checked for mechanical issues and electrical issues. During the months of disuse, the unit may have suffered damage from debris falling in or on the casing. If corrosion was present when the unit was put to rest for the season, it could have gotten much worse. Mechanical issues cause the unit to work harder and cost the homeowner more in energy.

The wiring going to and from the unit will need to be checked for faults. Damage to the wires could allow the current to travel to unsafe areas in the home. This could become a fire hazard and put everyone in the home at risk. Wiring issues could also cause the thermostat to send incorrect information and force the unit to run when it shouldn’t.

Arguably the most important part of the system, the ducts need to be thoroughly checked for gaps and tears. Damage could allow cool air to escape and make the unit work much harder to maintain the temperature in the home. Service providers such as J & S Air Inc in Lakeway TX will help homeowners check their entire duct system and make sure there are no gaps or thermal leakage throughout the entire home.

Homeowners who haven’t had their cooling system checked in a year or more could be wasting hundreds of dollars on energy costs. With two visits per year, homeowners could avoid all that waste and be sure their family comfortable all Summer long. Homeowners can Click Here for more information.

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