Are Bathroom Skylights in Phoenix, AZ a Good Idea?

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Home Improvement

One of the ways to make a smaller bathroom seem a little more expansive is to let in more natural light. There is no doubt that Skylights in Phoenix AZ provide the right touch for this type of enhancement. What remains to be decided is whether or not adding a skylight is best in a specific situation. Here are some questions to ask before talking with a contractor about this type of structural change.

Where Would the Skylight Go?

One of the first points to ponder is where the skylight would be positioned. It’s not enough to say it will be installed in the ceiling. For example, would the skylight be positioned over the lavatory and toilet? Perhaps it would be over the shower stall. Maybe it would float above one wall.

Consider what type of structural issues would impact the placement of the skylight and then settle on the best location. Hopefully, that location would provide the sense of openness the homeowner is seeking.

The Matter of Privacy

While one of the reasons people invest in bathroom Skylights in Phoenix AZ is to have a nice view of the sky, there is the matter of determining if anyone can look into the bathroom using the skylight. When most of the homes on the block are no taller than the individual’s house, this will not be a problem. If other structures are taller and in relatively close proximity, installing a skylight could mean a loss of privacy.

Before assuming privacy will be a problem, consider the idea of using different types of glass. Something with a film that does not obstruct the view from inside but does prevent viewing from outside is a good choice. The space will still have more light, it will be possible to enjoy the view, and there will be no worries about anyone peering in while someone is in the shower.

The best move is to talk with a contractor and find out what would be involved with this type of installation. Click Here today and arrange for a professional to visit the home. It won’t take long to determine if a skylight can be safely added to the space, what it would take, and how much the project would cost.

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