San Antonio Real Estate: Where Should You Start Looking for the Home of Your Dreams?

San Antonio real estate is diverse and overwhelmingly attractive. With just a little bit of patience, a fair amount of money, and the expert guidance of a competent realtor specializing in San Antonio properties, you could find the best residences that are in your price range and meet all of your needs. But, which are the best places to live, in regards to San Antonio real estate? Here are three exceptional picks you might appreciate:


People who have always fantasized about living in a pristine, quiet area with a very low crime rate will definitely have the time of their lives in Keauhou. In this part of the San Antonio, you could buy a more than decent condo for less than $250,000 and become a part of a welcoming community. A great golf course, a movie theater, a grocery store, and excellent restaurants are all located nearby, so you will never have any legitimate reasons to feel disconnected from the rest of the world while living here.


South Kona is one of the best choices for average families who dream of living a tranquil, fulfilling life in San Antonio. Holualoa represents a beautiful community of farmers and artists, located at an elevation of approximately 1500 feet. This means that, if you were to put down roots here, you would have to learn how to adapt to lower temperatures, but you would also be able to enjoy a breath of fresh air and have your morning coffee while enjoying superb views. The value of homes has witnessed a 14.6% increase throughout this year, demonstrating that the decision to invest in this subcategory of San Antonio real estate is a smart move. At this point, the median home value in this area is around $530,000 dollars.


Perhaps you have been saving all your life and want to make the most of the luxurious lifestyle that San Antonio can help you maintain. Home to the Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai certainly has everything it takes to allow both tourists and locals to live the life of the rich and famous. Kukio is another posh, sophisticated neighborhood where one could contemplate mega mansions with pools and enjoy company of select billionaire neighbors. The very definition of opulence and high standards, this slice of San Antonio real estate is more suitable for people who can afford to invest at least a couple millions into the property of their choice. Larger homes (typically with 6 or 7 bedrooms) could cost you anywhere from $6 to $13 million dollars or more, so the best advice in this case is to stick to the properties you can actually afford today.

Exquisite Properties can help you locate and buy the piece of San Antonio real estate that best mirrors your expectations and future goals. A team of professionals can simplify your house hunt and prep the field for a stress and hassle-free real estate closing.


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