Rubber Track Maintenance Tips

Many kinds of construction, excavation and traction equipment today utilize tracks instead of standard tires. You can get much better traction and performance from tracks but if you fail to take proper care of the rubber you could be replacing it soon. Here are some helpful rubber track solutions, to give you extended performance and fewer problems in Fort Worth.

Tension Adjustment is Essential

If your tracks are too loose or too tight you will eventually experience problems. When tracks are too tight, they may wear out prematurely. On the other hand, not enough tension can result in serious damage.

Some people believe the tracks should be very tight, but this is not always the case. The truth is, you need a certain amount of “give” for best performance. Check with the manufacturer recommendations for adjusting the tension.

Keep the Undercarriage Clean and Maintained

Some of the best rubber track solutions in Fort Worth involve cleanliness. Most people want to keep their cars and trucks clean and looking good, but work equipment is just as important. When people use equipment they sometimes neglect to clean it after each use. The reason for cleaning is not appearance, it is performance. A clean undercarriage can greatly extend the life of your equipment.

Take it Easy

Just because you have an amazing traction machine, doesn’t mean you can run over any surface without problems. Avoid as many obstacles as you can. For example, it you come to a large rock or depression in the ground, it’s best to avoid it. Don’t intentionally drive over curbs when you don’t have to. This can put undue stress and wear and tear on your rubber.

Keep an Eye on the Tracks

If for some reason your rubber gets partially off the track, stop the machine immediately and take care of it. Often times, you can put the rubber back on the track without too much trouble. If you continue to drive on it, you are inviting disaster.

Avoid Contaminants

Did you know that petroleum products like oil and antifreeze can attack the rubber in many kinds of tracks? Whenever possible, steer clear of these things. This includes contaminants like animal feces, salt, fertilizers and many kinds of chemicals.

Limit Backing Up

Your tracks are designed to be run in the forward position. Backing up for prolonged period of times places a lot of stress on the traction system and should be avoided when possible. Many rubber track solutions to problems in Fort Worth involve using some common sense and being kind to your equipment. If you follow these tips, you’ll have an easier time.


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