Buying the Right Embroidery Polo Shirts for Your Business

Embroidered polo shirts are perfect for daily wear for many of your employees. These shirts add an element of professionalism without looking too dressed up or stuffy. This makes these the preferred shirts for the “business casual” look so many companies are going for today. Buying embroidery polo shirts can get a bit tricky, and you can find that the price has gone out of control if you don’t choose wisely. Here are some tips for ensuring you get the best shirt for the best price for your business.

  • Embroidery prices are stable. The cost of the actual embroidery is not what makes the price of your shirts fluctuate. Embroidery charges generally include a one-time setup fee for your logo, and then labor charges for embroidering each shirt. As long as you use the same logo, you likely will not pay the setup fee again. No matter the shirt you choose, the embroidery charges will likely stay the same.
  • Higher end shirts cost more. While all polo shirts may look the same, some are definitely higher quality than others. Higher quality shirts feel softer, have collars that are less likely to roll up, and generally will endure washing and wearing for a longer period of time than lesser quality shirts. In the long run, buying better quality shirts for employees who will wear them regularly will save you money, because these will need to be replaced much less often. Stick to the cheaper shirts when you’re buying these for an event, and need each shirt only to be worn once or twice.
  • Additional details cost more. To keep your budget in check, choose solid color polos without striping on the collar, or color blocks on the shirt. Simple, single color shirts will save you money. In addition, choosing colors that your vendor always has in stock may save you money, as well. Talk to your vendor about the color choices they can provide at the best price point. For employees who have dirty jobs, avoid buying white shirts, as these get stained and must be replaced more often.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure you have the right embroidery polo shirts for every occasion. Choosing carefully means you have shirts that make your employees look professional, last a long time and come at a price your business can afford.

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