Root Canal Treatment for Farmington Hills Residents

Root canals involve the removal of dental pulp after it is determined to be infected, inflamed, or dead. As the foundational structure of a tooth, dental pulp contains connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. It reaches from the crown to the bottom of the root of the tooth. A professional dentist with the right knowledge and experience can perform a successful root canal. Farmington Hills residents can take advantage of the capabilities of a reliable dentist who knows how to perform this procedure successfully.

The Need for a Root Canal

One of the main reasons dental pulp can become infected is due to lack of proper dental care on a regular basis, including addressing cavities. When the area the tooth becomes highly infected, it can create a lot of pain. By removing the infected portion of the dental pulp, the dentist can prevent the spread of the infection as well as the destruction of surrounding bone. Without this procedure, the condition can worsen and lead to the loss of teeth.

The Treatment

A serious cavity can make its way through tooth enamel and eventually enter the region of the dental pulp. It is the goal of the dentist to ensure that all infected pulp is removed from the area. The canal walls can be modified in diameter after the pulp is completely removed. This
involves making the walls larger and smoother. Then, the walls can be packed and sealed to prevent further contamination and any leakage.

Time Involved

Today’s modern dental technology can perform a root canal oftentimes in just one session as long as there are no other complications. It can be a painful procedure, and as a result dentists will often use anesthesia on patients. A patient may also be prescribed pain medication after the procedure is completed.

Warning Signs a Root Canal May Be Needed

Pulp infections are sometimes due to chips, corrosion, splits, or other dental injuries. Warning signs of a condition that may lead to requiring this procedure include inflammation of the gums near the affected tooth area, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, or severe pain when eating more putting pressure on the area. You should be able find a dentist serving the Farmington Hills area that can diagnose and successfully take care of your tooth problem and perform this procedure if necessary.

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