An Asthma Specialist in Petal, MS Can Help You Breathe Much Easier

While asthma presents itself more often during childhood, it can occur at any time. Sometimes, adults are diagnosed with adult-onset asthma. People who have this condition may be between 20 to 60 or older in age. Unlike children who experience asthma symptoms now and then, adults experience recurrent asthma symptoms. In some instance, medication must be taken daily to control this condition.

How the Condition Develops

An asthma specialist in Petal, MS can help you better understand the reason why asthma develops. Usually, asthma forms when allergens or irritants block the airways. Muscle constriction is noted in the airways and inflammation and swelling occur as well. Asthma also leads to an increased secretion of mucous.

That is why an asthma specialist must be consulted if the symptoms mentioned above occur. When a patient experiences asthma, he or she has difficulty breathing and frequently coughs as well. An asthma flare-up may come about from exercise, infection, air pollution, or allergens. People who suffer from the respiratory illness often wheeze and feel tightness in their chest.

Why You May Be at Risk

About 30% of adult-onset asthma cases result from allergies. For example, if you are allergic to dogs or cats, you possess an increased risk of getting adult onset asthma. People who are constantly exposed to cigarette smoke, dust, mold, or chemicals may also end up getting asthma as adults.

You need to see an asthma specialist find out how to proceed with care. Many adults who suffer from asthma as children may see their symptoms reappear in their 30s and 40s. Whether you have had symptoms in the past or are experiencing symptoms now, you need to make sure you keep away from situations that can worsen the condition.

Where to Go Online

You can visit our website about asthma and allergy treatments. The more you know about the condition, the better your chances are for combating the problem.

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