Roofers in Tacoma WA Provide Removal and Replacement Services

Installing a new roof on a home can be a complicated endeavor. This type of work is best left to professional roofers. Tacoma WA homeowners can rely on the experience and skills of professionals in the industry to provide high-value roof repair and replacement services. These professionals can assess the condition of your roof and determined the level of damage, if any, that needs repaired. As a homeowner, it is important to understand exactly what the roof problems are and how your roofing company will address those problems.


One of the first tasks a roofing company will employ is to provide an inspection of the roof. This will include assessing the damage and making recommendations as to the type of repairs or replacement required. Once this is done, roofers can move forward to take measurements and gather the necessary materials to begin the repair and replacement process.

Removing Old Roof Material

A roofing contractor will need to remove all unnecessary existing roofing materials. This can include tiles, slats, and shingles, etc. In addition, other materials and elements such as the lining and portions of flashing may also be removed either in specified locations or over the entire roof when an entire replacement is performed. In some cases, the contractor may suggest leaving existing roofing material in place and adding new materials on top.

However, if your roof has incurred damage and has leaked water into the home, it’s important to not simply put new materials on top of flawed roofing material. It may be best to simply strip away the existing material and provide a complete replacement. Material and compliments can lead to the rotting of wood. As well, old roofing material and structure could lead to part of the roof caving in our collapsing.

Roof Installation

When the time has arrived to install the new roof, roofers in Tacoma WA may start the process by getting all of the roofing materials in place on-site. It is also important that after the installation process is completed, your roofing company cleans up all remaining debris resulting from the repair and installation work.

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