4 Signs That A Homeowner Should Consider A Window Replacement In New Lenox

If a person lives in an old home, there is a good chance that the windows are old as well. The typical windows that were installed decades ago are not nearly as secure or energy efficient as the windows that are installed today. If a person is not sure if they should invest their money in Window Replacement in New Lenox, there are a few signs that they should look for.

Increased Energy Bills

Old windows tend to be drafty. This means that during the winter, the cold air will come into the home, causing the homeowner’s heating system to work harder. During the summer, the hot air will get into the home, causing the air conditioner to work harder. If the homeowner has their windows replaced, they can save money on their energy bills.

An Obstructed View

If the homeowner is unsure if they need to replace their windows, they should check out the window pane. Old windows tend to look yellow and dingy, regardless of how often the homeowner cleans the windows, it won’t make a difference. They should also look for tiny scratches in the window. Both of these issues can obstruct the homeowner’s view outside. If they were to replace the windows, they would have a clear view out the window.

Test the Locks

The most common point of entry to the home by intruders is through the window. Because of this, the homeowner will need to have strong window locks. Unfortunately, the locks on older windows are not very secure. If the homeowner wants to be sure that their windows cannot be opened by intruders, they should test the locks. A secure lock will feel tight and to lock or unlock the window, it would take a bit of force. If the homeowner wants to be sure that their home is always safe and secure, they should install new windows with secure locks.

Excessive Noise From Outside

If a person is sitting in their house and they are often bothered by the outside noise, they should consider replacing their windows. Newer windows have more insulation than older ones. This will muffle the outside sounds, keeping it quieter in the house.

If a homeowner has some extra money and they are experiencing one or more of the issues listed above, they should consider a Window Replacement In New Lenox. For more information, contact A Better Door & Window or Browse the website.

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