Researching Valve Manufacturers: Helpful Strategies For OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers and contractors are always looking for reliable suppliers of parts and components. Finding the right valve manufacturer to provide both standard order types of valves as well as customized products for specific applications will require a bit of research.

When choosing a valve manufacturer for either a startup company or to replace a current supplier, there are at least three factors any contractor, OEM or company needs to consider.

Consider Product Range

Not all valve companies are able to offer a full range of products. There are also specialty companies offering only specific types of valves for different industries and applications.

There are also companies offer a top selection of standard and customized valves, specific products for specialized industries as well as a variety of different products for a range of industries. For large order requirements, a manufacturer with the ability to fill all parts orders simplifies the process.

Consider Company Reputation

Every valve manufacturer will have a reputation in the industries they serve. Take a look at how long the company has been in business as well as the types of customers and industries they serve. Press releases, certifications, mentions in the news and even a quick call into the customer support system will be helpful in understanding what the manufacturer brings to the table.

Verify Ability to Deliver

While price will always be a factor to consider, particularly with large volume orders or ongoing valve and part requirements, an equally important factor is the ability of the company to deliver. On-time deliveries are critical for OEMs, construction companies, repair services and even part suppliers working directly with the manufacturer.

Checking their on-hand inventory for standard valves and discussion the turnaround time on custom valve orders will be essential in choosing the best manufacturer to partner with for the business.

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