Coating Your Garage Floor: What Not to Do

There’s no denying how appealing and effective epoxy is as a garage floor coating in Nashville. However, any coating you use is only as efficient as the process you’ve used to apply it. While applying epoxy may seem like a simple enough process, it can actually be much more difficult to work with than it appears and is actually easy to make mistakes. You want your first attempt at applying an epoxy coating to be your best and final attempt. As such, following these tips regarding common mistakes and how not to make them can help make the process go much more smoothly.

Ignoring the Temperature and Level of Humidity

You should treat the entire process of applying an epoxy garage floor coating in Nashville with care. This means following every step as closely as possible. Epoxy can be a finicky substance to work with because it requires you to maintain specific environmental conditions for it to adhere properly to the concrete. Be sure to follow the instructions closely regarding the correct temperature and humidity levels for mixing and applying the epoxy. Work in an environment that’s too hot and balmy and the epoxy gets bubbly and start to spoil. An environment that’s too cold, however, affects the epoxy’s ability to cure.

Not Preparing the Floor Beforehand

One of the most important steps to applying an epoxy garage floor coating in Nashville is prepping the floor. However, some homeowners neglect this step either due to inexperience or while trying to rush and get the job done. Be sure to strip all oils, waxes and similar substances from the concrete before you even start to mix the epoxy. You may also have to apply an acid etch to the floor. This opens the pores of the concrete so it can better absorb the epoxy as it is applied. Doing this helps it adhere better.

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