Removing Tar From A Wool Rug And Professional Area Rug Cleaning In New York City

If tar becomes stuck to the bottom of shoes, a wool rug is susceptible to becoming stained with the material if footwear is not removed beforehand. The following steps describe how to remove fresh and hardened tar. Afterward, a deodorizing powder can be applied to a rug before vacuuming its surface in order to eliminate unpleasant odors.


• rubber gloves

• dull kitchen knife

• cloths

• dry cleaning solvent

• warm water

• scrub brush

• sponge

• space heater

• deodorizing granules

• vacuum cleaner (with hose extension)

Lifting Fresh Tar And Applying A Solvent

A pair of rubber gloves should be worn so that skin is not exposed to tar. The tip of a dull kitchen knife can be used to lift tar from wool. A knife’s end should be wiped off with a cloth when it becomes covered with tar. If tar has already hardened, dry cleaning solvent can be applied liberally to each spot that needs to be treated. The Solvent will soften tar after a few minutes. A scrub brush that has been dipped in a bucket of warm water needs to be moved rapidly over tar spots in order to loosen them. More solvent should be applied to stains if they cannot be eliminated with one treatment.

Removing Solvent, Drying Wool And Deodorizing

A sponge that has been dampened with water can be used to remove any traces of solvent that remain on portions of a wool rug. An electric heater can be set up next to a rug to assist with drying it. Deodorizing granules that are designed for use on carpets can be sprinkled liberally on portions that were recently treated. Granules will eliminate unpleasant scents and provide a floor covering with a fresh scent. A vacuum cleaner’s hose should be moved over a wool rug’s surface in order to collect granules once a few minutes have passed.

The Golden Horn or a similar company that provides Area Rug Cleaning in New York City can assist with removing stains or making repairs. If a rug was damaged in a fire or flood, steps would be completed in order to reverse signs of damage. A company that provides Area Rug Cleaning in New York City also sells a variety of new rugs that will complement decor inside of a home or business.

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