Recycling Center in Hartford CT – How it Works

The Recycling Center in Hartford CT takes pride in the well-being and aesthetic beauty of the community. It provides the area with a residential recycling program, an educational website and more. The Recycling Center information is readily accessible online. The basic’s cover the needs of most residents with the occasional spring-cleaning.

The policies and procedures are common sense to those who are familiar with residential recycling. Those who are not will find everything there is to know about it at the center. There are kid-friendly pages explaining the everyday things we use, how to identify those that are recyclable, and then how to do so.

The most frequently asked questions at the Recycling Center in Hartford CT site cover the areas of concern those who have put the program to use have previously asked. This is a helpful area for anyone new to recycling, and can save him or her from mistakes. Typically, the average household will sort and recycle paper, plastic, glass and metals.

Plastic containers of all sizes can be recycled if falling within the appropriate numbers. Plastics that are intended for recycling include a series of numbers from 1 – 7. In addition to bottles, jugs and containers, many kids’ plastic toys and other plastic household items can be recycled as well. All plastics meant to be recycled have a number, typically on the bottom.
Paper of all sorts can be recycled. The variety of paper inundating households are books, phone books, magazines, ads, junk mail, cardboard and boxes, news and office papers can all be recycled at home. The weekly ritual of doing so helps to maintain a clutter free home better managed and organized.

Glass can be recycled, the bottles and lids taken from the cupboard also included. Do not put dirty glass containers in bins. Perfect cleanliness is not required, but as a common courtesy, should be rinsed well enough so there is no food remaining. The glass bottles and jars used around the house are acceptable as well.

In addition to the items that can be recycled, there are lists of items that cannot be processed. The list is on site. Some of the items on the list include waxed paper and waxed cardboard, clothing, plastic CD cases and many others. For more information, visit Business Name. Online!

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