Reasons You May Need AC Repair in Franklin TN

Obviously you will need AC repair when your system completely breaks down. Unfortunately, other reasons may be more subtle. It is important you are aware of the signs to look for when your system is failing so you will know when you need AC Repair Franklin TN. Through repair services, you can keep your system properly maintained and working at its best so you can avoid expensive replacements.

1. One of the first signs homeowners notice is when their energy costs begin to soar. If your energy costs are rising and the weather has not drastically changed this most likely means your system is not working at its best. A failing AC system will cause higher energy costs because it is not effectively cooling your home.

2. If you notice some areas in your home are hotter than others, this could be a sign of ductwork problems. Ideally, your system should evenly cool your home in all areas. It is a good idea to have your system looked at to ensure there are no problems.

3. Another sign of problems, is your system will begin to shut off randomly. This can be a sign of thermostat issues or it could mean your system is overheating. No matter the reason for the shut off, it is a good idea to have a professional look at your system to ensure there are no repair issues.

4. When your AC system begins to freeze up, you need to have it looked at. You should never run your system when it is frozen, as this can destroy the motor.

5. Any time your system begins to make unusual noises, it needs to be checked. Rattling noises and clanging and banging should never be ignored. This most likely means your unit has failing or loose parts.

If you are in need of AC Repair Franklin TN, contact Chiles Heating & Cooling. They will offer you the professional AC repair services you need so your system is properly repaired. Contact them today and schedule an appointment so they can come out and check your system. This will ensure your AC system continues to provide you good service for years to come.

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