Reasons to Include Pecans in Food Baskets in Phoenix, AZ

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Gift Baskets

People who have moved to sunny southern Arizona like to send locally produced items to their friends and relatives back home. Food Baskets in Phoenix AZ are welcome presents at any time of year. A favorite of many individuals is the chocolate camelback, a luscious candy consisting of chocolate, caramel, and pecans. It’s an especially appropriate gift from someone who has moved to the Phoenix area because of Camelback Mountain overlooking the region.

Regionally grown pecans also can be included in gift Food Baskets in Phoenix AZ. A store like Green Valley Pecan Company offers them in a wide variety, included unshelled, shelled, and flavored. Arizona actually has some of the largest pecan tree orchards in the world. Southern Arizona’s sunny climate is beneficial for producing big, rich pecans. Groundwater used to irrigate the orchards naturally returns to the earth.

Pecan farmers are enjoying great success as consumers increasingly choose to buy the nuts for themselves as part of a healthy diet and as tasty gifts for others. Practically everyone likes eating pecans as a snack, and the food also can be used in a range of recipes. It’s a holiday staple at Christmas when people set out dishes of pecans in the shell along with a nutcracker so their guests can have fun with the simple, old-fashioned pleasure of cracking open a hard shell and finding the tasty morsel inside.

Why are pecans part of a healthy diet? They provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Vegetarians and vegans like to include these nuts in the diet for the high protein content as a meat replacement. The unsaturated fat of pecans is known for lowering cholesterol.

Someone who receives pecans as a gift might want to start looking for new recipes for healthy, delicious baked goods. Apple pecan cobbler, for instance, is a treat made with a small amount of sugar and offers the health benefits of fruit and nuts. Pecan pie is a southern tradition that has been embraced by people around the country. Click here to view some possibilities for gift baskets and the different flavors of pecans available from one particular store.

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