Designed for Style: Shower Enclosures in Indianapolis, IN

Shower enclosures are well suited for bathrooms where space is very limited and unable to accommodate the length of a bathtub. They are also suitable when space is plentiful enough to accommodate both a separate bathtub and shower enclosure in a single bathroom. In some cases, sealed shower enclosures are a bathroom accessory used solely for taking relaxing, hot, steam showers without venting steam and moisture throughout the bathroom.

Compact Shower Enclosures

Compact showers are often used when adding a bathroom to an existing interior space where available floor area is limited, such as converting a single bedroom with two closets into a master bedroom with one closet and a three-quarter bath. A compact enclosure may be square in shape with one or two glass enclosure panels, or it may be triangular-shaped and tucked into a corner with only a single glass panel door. They are also ideal for converting a half bath to a three-quarter bath.

Shower/Tub Combination Enclosures

Combination shower enclosures are generally installed as wall panels that enclose three sides of a bathtub, leaving one side open to accommodate sliding door panels. In some cases, another bathroom fixture such as a sink or toilet are adjacent to the enclosure, so only a single sliding panel is practical. In other cases, space allows dual sliding panels for entry from either the back or the front of the enclosure.

Luxury Showers

Luxury enclosures are generally used in master bathrooms when there is sufficient space to comfortably accommodate a separate bathtub. Luxury enclosures may include features such as built-in seating, multiple shower heads, and steam nozzles.

Installation Professionals

A qualified professional can help design the right shower enclosures in Indianapolis, IN, for any type of bathroom. Whether you need a standard and “off the shelf” design or a fully customized design, visit us to find out what your options are.

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