Reasons for Women to Carry Pepper Spray in Mesa

While it is easy to think that a violent attack only happens to other women, statistics show it can easily happen to any woman at any time of the day or night. The world today is full of senseless violence, where you can easily be attacked and harmed for the shoes on your feet. While most women do not want to carry a gun, it is important to have some form of protection. This is why many women have decided to start carrying Pepper Spray in Mesa for protection.

If you can’t seem to make up your mind if carrying Pepper Spray in Mesa is the right choice for you, read on for a few of the reasons that you might want to change your mind and buy some.

Very Effective Tool

Since the effective range of most pepper spray is between six and fifteen feet, you don’t have to be very close to your attacker for it to work. You can see someone coming and quickly spray him or her. This gives you time to get to a safe place before they recover enough to grab you. You should spray them and then run, screaming as loud as you can for help. Whether your attacker is after money or a would-be rapist, pepper spray will stop them in their tracks at least for a few minutes.

Can be Concealed Easily

It is possible to conceal pepper spray quite easily. It is little enough to be put on a key chain or even cupped in the palm of your hand as you walk to your car. An assailant will never see the pepper spray, and you will have sprayed them before they can grab it from you. Pepper spray comes in different forms as well, so you can easily hide virtually anywhere.

These are just a few of the reasons many women are choosing to use pepper spray as a form of self-defense today. From it being concealed easily to it being a very effective tool, pepper spray has saved many women from being harmed or worse. You can Contact us for more information today.

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