Questions And Answers About Sink Clogs And Minuteman Sewer And Drain Cleaning In Jackson MI

Homeowners who have a clogged drain that’s tough to remove can contact an experienced company, such as Minuteman Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Jackson MI, for service. Sink drains that won’t budge with a plunger or drain chemicals require methods that only a professional company can provide. Read the questions and answers below to learn important facts about clogged drains.

What causes a tough clog inside the pipes of a house drain?

When the kitchen sink drain is clogged and the obstruction won’t move, there might be a buildup of grease somewhere inside the water pipes. Individuals who pour grease down their drain will often have problems with the water draining from their sink. The grease leaves a thick, sticky film on the sides of the water pipes and it eventually builds up and prevents the sink from draining. Allowing food scraps and coffee grounds to go down the sink drain will also cause problems in the future. Bathroom drains in the sink and tub are often clogged with soap residue and hair. Once enough hair gets down into the drain it forms a mass and prevents anything from going down the drain.

What can a professional drain cleaning technician do to release a tough clog and does it take a long time?

When a professional arrives with the proper tools, it won’t take long before the obstruction is gone from the drain. A professional will bring along a drain auger, which is also sometimes called a drain snake, and feed it down into the drain and the connected pipes. As the tool rotates down into the drain, it cuts up everything that’s in its path. This includes grease clogs and wads of hair that’s inside the bathroom drain. After the obstruction is chopped up into small pieces, it will easily filter down the drain pipes. After removing the clog, the technician from Minuteman Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Jackson MI will check all the drains inside the house to make sure they’re all working properly.

Contact Minuteman Sewer & Drain Cleaning for affordable and reliable service. This company also provides professional jetting, video inspection and hydro excavating for their customers in and around the Jackson, Michigan area.

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