How Radon Can Affect Your Water Supply and What to Do About It

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Business

We have been aware for a while now of the amounts of radon radiation that develop inside of buildings. You might have even installed a mitigation system to cut down on the radon in your building. This is a good move to make, but you shouldn’t forget about the potential radon in your water supply that can also affect your health. Here are a few useful ways in which you can prevent radon from occurring in your water supply:

Where Does Radon in Water Come from?

Radon gas occurs naturally in the air (most frequently in mountainous areas) and in soil but it can also occur in underground water sources too. This can filter up to our drinking water and other sources of water that we regularly use, causing us to ingest radon without even realizing it. Doing this too much can increase the risk of cancer.

Hire a Professional

Radon mitigation contractors can not only remove excessive radon from your home and bring it down to safe levels. They can also test your water supply, advise you on how to reduce the radon in your water, and even install a radon water system for you.

Buy a Water System

Even if you don’t have a mitigation appointment scheduled or your radon tests haven’t reported anything dangerous just yet, you could get a quote and purchase a radon water system anyway. It is a good preventative measure to keep radon levels under control and prevent future problems.

If you are worried about high levels of radon radiation in your home, building, or water system, there is no need to worry unnecessarily. A consultation from a professional contractor and installation of a good water purification system, alongside a radon detector and mitigation system, will greatly reduce the amounts of radon in your building.

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