Purchasing the Right Team Shelter for Your Soccer Team

If you’ve already begun the hunt for the perfect team shelters for your soccer field, you’ve probably quickly noted that the options can be fairly expensive. You likely want to make sure that you get a high-quality product but are concerned about spending more than you should. You want the shelter to look attractive, but you also want to make sure it lasts a long while. Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge and buying.

Team Shelter Size Restrictions

The first thing that you will want to do is analyze the area where you plan to place your shelters. Take note of whether there is a fence that limits how far back the shelters can go. Consider whether there will be seating behind the shelters, meaning you may need a specific height limit. Take measurements to determine how wide the shelter can be. This is the base minimum to do before you begin selecting a soccer team shelter.

Existing Benches or Seating

One of your options for saving money might be to continue using existing athletic benches which are placed inside your shelters. If this is something you are considering, ask the manufacturer of your soccer team shelter if the option is available. You’ll want to have information about the width, length, and depth of your benches to pass on to the experts to get the best answers.

Types of Weather

Think about the type of weather that you typically play soccer in. Do you play in rain? Snow? Wind? Sleet? If you answered yes to any of these things, you want a shelter that can handle the elements. Consider the shelters you are considering. If you were standing inside of it with rain coming from all directions, would you be protected? If not, you might want to keep searching.

Permanent vs. Occasional

Another thing to consider is whether the team shelter is going to be a permanent fixture or will it need to be stored when not being used. If you will be storing them, think about what type of wheels will best work for the surface you will be on. You’ll also want to make sure the shelter can be moved properly to reach the storage area.

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