Options for Designs in Custom Soccer Balls

It’s often a nice touch to create custom or personalized soccer balls for players, special individuals working for the team or your own soccer league. It’s also nice to have a custom look for the balls used at a tournament or special event.

Giving custom soccer balls away is an effective way to commemorate the event, recognize an individual, or to even provide an end of the season gift to players from the coaching group or from the team to the coaches.

Customization Options

Regardless of the reason for custom soccer balls, taking the time to plan how the design elements will look on the soccer ball is important. Choosing the right colors, text, message, font and even the logo make this a unique soccer ball to be displayed in a trophy case or kept as a memento.

Printing quality is important to consider. Choose a company that has extensive experience in creating, designing and printing the custom logos and information on the soccer balls. Do not use a standard printer as they are not familiar with printing on the uneven surface of the soccer ball, which slows down the process and also limits your options for customization.

Tournament Balls

If your team, league or association is hosting a tournament, why not consider custom soccer balls for the games during the event? These can have the tournament name and date, along with any logos or marketing information required.

The balls can be used during the games, then provided to the MVP for the game or through some other type of process. A team set of the balls can also be provided to the tournament winners.

Coaches may want to have personalized soccer balls for each player for the end of the season. These personalized soccer balls can have the players name, number and the team logo or name, which is a great way to remember the experience.

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