Provide Your Child with the Best Academic Opportunities

Having a special needs child is an absolute joy. They contribute to the family in ways that are a treasure and deserve an education where they can flourish and grow. You can give your child the best of both worlds when you send them to a Jewish special needs school in Florida. Not only will they receive a great education, they will also learn more about their Jewish heritage. Kesher offers special needs students the opportunity to attend school on a day school campus. Being able to go to a school that is within a school will give your child the opportunity to access a wide variety of school activities, resources and celebrations. However, most importantly they will be provided with various academic and social inclusion opportunities.

A Small Student to Teacher Ratio Is Perfect

You want to make sure that your child is getting a fulfilling education, and having a small student to teacher ratio is optimal. Self-contained classes provide differentiated learning prospects that are delivered in smaller groups using multiple modalities that have all been designed so that the academic, social, behavioral and emotional needs of every student is addressed. Techniques for positive reinforcement are put in place to give the delivery of instruction a more cooperative and collaborative focus in regards to learning. Educators approach the learning and teaching dynamic with a focus on the curriculum of social emotional learning and executive functioning skills. There is a comprehensive and careful focus provided for each student and their dynamic for learning as a whole child.

Your Child Deserves the Best Education Possible

Of course, you want your child to have the best education possible. The educational team at Kesher has your child’s best interests at heart. They operate on a belief that positive development and continuous learning are both essential. You will receive the support you’ve always wanted from a school prepared to help your child learn to the best of their ability.

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