Is A 3 Phase Autotransformer The Right Choice?

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Business

An autotransformer is sometimes called an autostep down transformer and is so named as it only has one winding. These transformers are used in a wide range of applications. The term “auto” in the name of the component refers to the single coil, but there is the possibility to connect multiple coils as a single component to create the 3 phase autotransformer.

Customized Options

There is a great deal of customization that is available with a 3 phase autotransformer. They can be designed for specific voltage requirements, which is an essential consideration in any system. Additionally, they come with a wide range of terminations to meet installation needs as well as offering different locations for taps.

These autotransformers can be created to fit into very specific space requirements and can be a variety of shapes. This is important in any type of new or existing equipment where space may be at a premium.

The Advantages

The choice of a 3 phase autotransformer over a single autotransformer design is typically associated with a host of different benefits. One of the most important for most Original Equipment Manufacturers is the lower cost of the 3 phase options. It requires less wiring and therefore is more cost-effective to manufacture.

Space in the equipment is a key advantage for the use of the 3 phase wye autotransformer. Smaller systems are more efficient and allow overall design options that are not possible with other types of power supply options.

Other advantages include higher power capacity, easier repairs if required as well as easier installation and assembly. Three phase power is also the ideal option for heavy equipment and machinery. The one possible drawback to this option is the fact that all 3 transformers have to be operational for the component to supply power, which is not the case if three single autotransformers are linked together.

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