Protective Clothing Should Be Worn When Handling Pesticides

Those employed in industries where mixing, loading or applying pesticides is common should wear protective clothing that is designed to provide a barrier between their body and the chemicals. Many people involved in such industries find this clothing to be uncomfortable; however, that is far better than the alternative.

Why is wearing protective clothing important?

Protective clothing is not all the same, the type of clothing and ancillary safety equipment can be dependent on what it is that is being done and the specific chemical that is being handled. It is highly recommended that the label on the chemical be read, it is here where you will find out what is required.

Whenever an individual is handling pesticides; whether this is applying, storing or mixing or even cleaning equipment that was used during the application process, he or she should wear protective clothing. Pesticides can be inhaled, swallowed or enter the body through the skin and eyes. There are numerous studies that seem to indicate that the majority of chemicals enter the body through the skin, hence the individual should wear:

   *   Long sleeve shirts with buttons at the sleeves

   *   Long pants which cover footwear

   *   Gloves that are resistant to chemicals, and

   *   Rubber boots

If the spraying is taking place overhead, as well as the protective items noted above, the individual should wear safety glasses.

Rather than wear individual items such as a shirt and pants, coveralls are often a far better solution. What is of primary importance is that the skin is protected. Rubber boots are preferred over any other type of footwear as they will not absorb the chemical and they are far easier to clean.

As well as wearing protective clothing it is important to wash your hands before you do anything else, including visiting the restroom.

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