Protect Your Pets With Help From a Veterinarian in Lenexa KS

by | Jan 17, 2015 | Animal

A pet is a wonderful thing. Owning a pet can be good for your health and studies have shown that the pet/owner relationship reduces stress. However, having a pet around is more than that. People keep animals for companionship and because of this, they develop strong emotional ties to them. This is why the health of their animal friends is so important, be they mammal, reptile, fish or fowl. Of course, it isn’t always possible to do anything about an ailing animal, particularly the various species of fish. However, your local Veterinarian Lenexa KS can generally offer excellent advice if nothing else, especially regarding care and feeding.

Some of the most important things that an animal owner can do for their pets include regular veterinarian checkups, spaying or neutering and vaccinations. Out of these, spaying and neutering may be the most important because it serves multiple purposes. For instance, neutered tomcats are less likely to mark territory by spraying urine and most will avoid roaming in search of a female. The most obvious benefit is eliminating the chance of unwanted pregnancies or inadvertently impregnating a neighbor’s animal. These treatments should be carefully considered because they are final. Plus, they should not be performed on a puppy or kitten of less than six months. To know more, click here.

Regular vaccinations are extremely important because they help prevent a variety of problems. For cats there is an antiviral combination known as FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus infection, Panleukopenia). This vaccine treats a serious upper respiratory infection known as rhinotracheitis, several strains of caliciviruses and the feline distemper known as panleukopenia. Each of these viruses can result in life threatening illnesses which could cost you a dear friend. Likewise, the canine distemper vaccine is also given in a combined vaccination which usually includes protection for Parvo. Additional vaccines may be added such as Bordetella and Rabies, but the former are extremely important because many of the diseases that it prevents have no known cure.

If you have an animal that needs emergency care or your favorite friend requires vaccinations, spaying, neutering or other help from a Veterinarian Lenexa KS be sure and visit website.

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