Proper Care Of A Persian Rug in New York City

When someone purchases a new Persian Rug in New York City, they will most likely wish to keep it looking like new long after they pay for it. There are several steps one can take in keeping this type of rug looking as good as new. Here are some tips to follow when caring for a Persian rug.

It is important to vacuum the rug regularly. Doing this a few times a week will keep it from becoming grungy looking. When vacuuming, use a soft bristle-brush attachment. Hold it a few inches above the rug so the rug does not become scraped while cleaning. Using an attachment will also help keep the carpet from becoming snagged inside the vacuum cleaner rolling mechanism.

When placing a Persian rug, it is necessary to keep it away from areas with high foot traffic, so it does not become ruined before its time. Keeping it out of direct sunlight is also recommended as this will fade the material. This would be especially noticeable if the ultraviolet rays do not hit the rug in all areas, leaving it faded in only some portions as a result.

Keeping liquids away from a Persian rug is best. If someone spills something on the rug, it will need to be cleaned up immediately. Use a paper towel to remove any solid pieces from the material that was spilled. Use a clean piece of cloth to blot the Persian rug. This should be done from the outer edges toward the center of the spill. It is bad to rub at a liquid. This will push the material further into the fibers, possibly ruining the rug altogether. It will make the stain almost impossible to remove and can damage the fibers used to construct the rug as well.

If someone is in need of a service that will clean a Persian Rug in New York City, they can get a hold of a reputable cleaning service in the area. The rug would be removed from the home and cared for at the business. Contact The Golden Horn for further information if needed.

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