Professional Processes in Commercial Painting

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance


Commercial painting professionals must have professional processes to be competitive in today’s market. The company that exceeds the needs of the customer will receive the business.

Kansas City MO is a city with a multitude of painting contractors. How would your business stand out in such a city? How does your business stand out in your city? Your commercial painting company must stand out for the right reasons.

Easy Estimates & Thorough Contracts

A knowledgeable sales person that arrives timely to a review a job site, listens to and understands the needs of the customer, and provides timely estimates is invaluable. Estimates should consider job size, meet specifications, and should be free of charge. The contract should be thorough and include schedules that cover the life of the project.

Professional Preparation and Coating Plan

Surface preparation requires a professional plan. Cleaning, masking, and sanding appropriate to the job demands should be spelled out and planned. Surface prep is the foundation of a quality finish and cannot be rushed. reports this is the most important part of the painting job. No matter how expensive the paint, the color, the quality, or the thickness can hide pockmarks or cracks. For your business company time is money. Timing, odors, protecting property, and noise are also factors to consider in a professional plan.

Quality Assurance Planning

Quality assurance begins before the job starts. Procedures need to be in place at every level of the project. Before the coating goes on, the quality of surface preparation must be examined, for example. Continuing Service for Your Customers should include upkeep and maintenance.

Your commercial painting company must stand out whether you live in Kansas City MO or New York City. Always strive to be the best in your business. Be a professional and you will professionals will take notice.

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