Treating Carpenter Ants And Services Offered By A Company That Specializes In Pest Control In Bel Air MD

Untreated wood may soften or begin to decompose if it is exposed to moisture for a long time. Carpenter ants are common household pests that chew wood and create tunnels inside of wooden items. This type of ant has a segmented body. Ants are black and are often found living in large colonies with worker ants that have wings attached to their bodies. The following steps describe how to eliminate carpenter ants, clean wood and provide a structure with a waterproof coating.



•face mask

•liquid or powder pesticide


•space heater

•vacuum cleaner

•wood cleaning agent


•wood sealer


Apply A Pesticide And Dry Damp Materials

Tarps should be used to cover surfaces that surround wood that has been infested with carpenter ants. A face mask should be worn so that an individual does not breathe in toxic fumes that are released when a pesticide is being applied. Wooden surfaces should be coated with a liquid or powder pesticide. It may take a while for an entire nest of ants to be destroyed. More than one application of a pesticide may be necessary. After ants have been destroyed, a space heater can be plugged in and aimed toward damp wood.

Clean Wood And Apply A Sealer

A vacuum cleaner hose can be moved over wooden surfaces to remove loose pieces of dirt. A wood cleaning agent can be applied to wood with a soft sponge. After wood has been cleaned, a cloth should be moved over wood to dry it. After opening a wood sealing agent, a mixing stick can be used to blend sealer. Sealer should have a creamy consistency and air bubbles should be eliminated. A paintbrush that is covered with sealer needs to be moved across wood as evenly as possible. After sealer is applied, wood should not be touched or walked upon for several hours.

If a pest infestation is severe or if a home or business owner attempts to eliminate pests but is not successful, they can Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. and make arrangements to have their property inspected. A company that specializes in Pest Control in Bel Air MD will determine where a nest of ants are located and will use powerful products to destroy pests. Termites, roaches, flies, bees and mice are some other common pests that can be eliminated during an appointment for Pest Control in Bel Air MD.

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