6 Ways to Make Your Water Safer


Tap water might not be as safe as you think, ThoughtCo says. Here’s how to make sure you and your family are drinking safe water, though.

Go for a test

Look for pros to test your water. If there’s a high level of lead in the water, that could be responsible for plenty of health complications and issues you and your family have had over the years. In some cases, these tests can also detect the presence of radon along with other contaminants.

Know what you’ve got

With a test, it’s easy enough to see the kind of contaminants you’re dealing with. That matters. The last thing you want to do is get a filtration system that won’t be as effective for eliminating the contaminants in your water.

Use a filter

An easy way to take impurities out of the water is to use a drinking water filter faucet. This is one way to filter out microbes as well as chemicals in your water. Make sure it works on the kind of contaminants you have in your system, though.

Improve taste

Don’t like the way your tap water tastes like? Some types of drinking water filter faucet options can easily improve the taste of your tap water so that’s another good reason to install one.

Consider other options

You could go for a number of filtration devices and systems, from faucet mounts to countertop models and multi-pure carbon units or osmosis reverse systems in between. With so many options out in the market, finding the right filtration solution should be easy enough for you.

Do your research

Just make sure you do your research. Don’t go into this blind. Know what size, type and price all work best for your needs and budget before you arrive at a final option.

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