Professional Auto Windshield Replacement in Saint Paul, MN Keeps Car Occupants Safe

It’s important for every car owner to properly maintain their windshield. If it gets even a small crack or chip in it, a technician that is certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) should fix it or oversee the Auto Windshield Replacement in Saint Paul MN. Many people think that they only have to worry about the glass shattering on them. That certainly could cause a serious injury. These people don’t know the important role that the windshield plays in the structural integrity of the car. Simply put, the windshield helps hold the car roof up. During an accident, the force of the impact could pop out the damaged windshield allowing the roof to cave in on the occupants.

There are two levels of NGA certification. After a technician has worked for six months, he can take the test to be a Certified Auto Glass Technician. After working in the field for three additional years, he can take the test to become a Master Auto Glass Technician. When a car owner sees this designation, he can have confidence that the person overseeing the Auto Windshield Replacement in Saint Paul MN knows what they are doing.

Replacing a windshield properly requires a great deal of knowledge about metals and the adhesives that bond them with glass. Even the humidity in the air can affect how the adhesive works. The oil on a technician’s hands can dissolve the adhesive and result in a faulty windshield installation, if the proper gloves aren’t worn.

It’s also important that the glass installer use the highest quality windshield glass. The Department of Transportation has published standards that the best safety glass should meet. Windshields should be made from High Penetration Resistant windshields. That guarantees that it won’t shatter on impact and will preserve the car’s structural integrity. That means that fewer car drivers and passengers will be injured in car accidents.

Many windshield installers have repair shops and also offer mobile services for their customer’s convenience. They also work closely with insurance companies to minimize any out-of-pocket expenses for their customers. Click here to learn more about replacing a windshield.

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