Preventing Health Hazards and Other Problems With Whole-House Heaters in Wichita Kansas

A malfunctioning furnace can become a health hazard. One obvious problem is that the furnace may not be able to heat the home, which is a health and safety issue. A more significant matter is that an old, deteriorated furnace can begin to leak carbon monoxide into the building. Furnaces should have annual maintenance an inspection completed every year by technicians who service heaters in Wichita Kansas.

Tune-Ups for Furnaces

These annual appointments can be thought of as tune-ups for whole-house heaters in Wichita Kansas. Adjustments can be made for better efficiency and worn parts are replaced before they fail and cause the furnace to break down. Lubrication keeps parts running smoothly.

The Importance of Clean Air Filters

During the rest of the year, about all that the household residents must do is make sure the furnace is always operating with a relatively clean air filter. Cleaning off the return-air registers regularly helps prevent any debris from reaching the filter.

Filters that are clogged with dust, hair and other debris make the furnace work harder to heat the home. The air cannot move through the pleats as easily.

People who never change the filter between maintenance appointments are increasing the risk of the furnace overheating and shutting off, or starting on fire. Heating technicians are always bewildered when they are called in for maintenance or repair and discover that the filter is filthy, since changing it is so easy and filters don’t cost much.

Considering the Installation of New Equipment

When the furnace is reaching the end of its safe and useful lifespan, homeowners need to make decisions about having new equipment installed by a contractor such as Kelley & Dawson Service. Click here for information on this particular company.

The highest-efficiency furnaces help save money on heat bills, but they cost more upfront. The customers will still enjoy significant savings on those bills with new equipment replacing the old, outdated appliance. It’s crucial not to keep running a furnace that is at risk of becoming a health hazard. Technicians from this type of company install, maintain and repair furnaces and central air conditioners, which share many of the same components.

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