Preparing Your Staff For The Arrival Of Commercial Moving Services

As the moving coordinator for your business, working with the moving manager from the commercial mover will be an important task. By choosing from commercial moving services that offer this support, you can streamline the move and prepare your staff for the moving day and the process.

Ideally, any business planning on moving in Houston to any local location or a long distance move needs to meet with commercial moving services at least 4 months before the move date if at all possible. For very large corporations and headquarters with multiple floors and hundreds of offices, early meetings for planning and organization will be essential to organize the move.

By doing all of this work in advance, the amount of downtime for the move can be kept to a minimum. Shorter prep times are more likely to result in oversights and missed considerations, particularly if you are not working with the moving manager from the service.

Know the Timeline

Once you have worked out the timeline for the move, start meeting with your own department heads, supervisors or managers. Have a timeline with specific dates to complete specific tasks on a department by department or area by area basis and provide this in writing or through an email. Designate a person to be responsible to ensure the timeline dates are met and the tasks completed.

Make a List

After talking to the professionals at commercial moving services, you should have a clear picture of what they will transport and what they cannot move. Typically, movers will not take live plants, any types of chemicals, batteries or other types of flammable or hazardous items.

It is helpful to also have employees move their personal items and anything that is valuable or breakable that is their item. They should also empty out desk drawers and personal storage areas so personal items are not mixed up or left behind. Of course, you may want to have your Houston movers do this as well, just make sure to arrange this in advance.

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