When the Seal is Critical

Many items in our everyday lives need to be sealed. From our food to our cosmetics, we expect items we use to be tightly closed and protected from the outside until we open these. However, there are some products where a perfect seal is absolutely critical, such as in medical applications, with products like fluid collection bags and ostomy products.

When the seal is this critical, it takes a special process to ensure perfection every time. One of the most reliable ways to create seals for such products is through impulse sealing. Impulse sealing is commonly used for fluid collection bags in the medical industry and for items like confined space breathing bag assemblies.

Impulse sealing requires heating like thermoplastic films with short electrical impulses. The films are heated to the point of melting to create the seal. The process works for a wider range of materials than some other sealing methods, so it has gained popularity for several industries.

There are only a few vendors in the country that create products with impulse sealing. If you believe you have a product that requires a rugged seal, it’s a good idea to investigate if impulse sealing could work for your company.

Talk to a reputable vendor about how impulse sealing might work for your products. The vendors that create products sealed in this manner provide design and engineering services in addition to creating the seal itself. They can provide valuable advice in getting your product through the manufacturing process.

There have been many innovations in product sealing in the last fifty years, but impulse sealing is one that has proven to be the most flexible in working with many different materials. This process is one that has proven successful and beneficial for many different industries, and could have value in yours, as well.

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