Preparing Personal Belongings For Moving And Storage in Fort Myers FL

When someone needs to move to a new home, they will most likely start the process in packaging their personal items for moving and storage in Fort Myers FL. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure belongings are protected from potential damage when they are going to be handled during a move. Here are some tips that will aid in keeping fragile items intact during a move.

Use The Right Containers For The Job

It is best to use thick, plastic storage tubs to contain smaller breakable items. These will be able to withstand being shifted around and will not crush as cardboard boxes often do. Lids can be secured directly over the containers and then taped into place so they do not become jarred during a move.

Items Should Be Wrapped For Protection

It is best to wrap all fragile items so they are less likely to break while in transit. Pieces of bubble wrap will work well at providing ample protection should items move around inside of a container. These pieces can be taped in place to secure them. Alternately, pieces of newsprint or thick paper can be used to help in protecting knick knacks, dishware, or glass items.

Cushioning Should Be Used Inside Containers

After items are placed inside a container, additional soft tissue or packing peanuts should be added to aid in protecting items from getting broken. The packing material should be positioned around the items in addition to on top of them so layers of cushioning is present. If desired, balled up pieces of bubble wrap can be placed in the container. Balled up newsprint also works well at providing added cushioning.

When there is a need to get items read for Moving And Storage in Fort Myers FL, hiring a moving service will be necessary. Finding a business with plenty of experience in making sure fragile items are packed and moved with care is important. Contact us to find out more about the many services available to customers or to find out more about pricing. An appointment can then be scheduled for a move if desired.

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