Prepare for Tough Ice Sculpting Contests With Long Island NY Ice Blocks

There are many exciting ice sculpting contests around the world. If you want to compete in one of them, then you need to do a lot of practicing ahead of time. When you are ready to practice, get sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY.

One of the largest contests in the world occurs annually in Fairbanks, AL. Over 50 competition sculptures compete for top honors at the 45-day World Ice Championships. During the single block competition, approximately 30 carvers create works of art out of ice blocks measuring 6 feet by 4 feet. There is also a double block competition.

Another large ice carving festival is the Harbin Ice Festival in Harbin, China. During this two-month festival, Shortly before the ice carving festival begins on Christmas Day, another festival is held when local farmers dressed in traditional clothing harvest the ice used during the competition from the Songhua River. All ages compete during this festival with special classes for primary school children.

You may also want to use sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY, to practice for the Ice Magic Festival at Banff National Park near Banff, Canada. During this festival, contestants use 300-pound blocks of ice to create amazing ice sculptures. During this 12-day festival held each January carvers can participate in various contests including a one-hour speed carving contest.

You may also want to get ready to participate in the London Ice Sculpting Festival. Each year, a special theme is announced for this festival that occurs at Canary Wharf. You can join with many other sculptures in numerous competitions.

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