Keep It Cool With Ice Cube Wholesale in Suffolk County, NY

When planning a party, it’s important to have enough ice on hand for drinks. Ice may also be needed to keep cold food items at the proper temperature. Ice cube wholesale in Suffolk County, NY has bulk ice for every occasion. From ice cubes to ice luges and even ice sculptures, Long Island Ice & Fuel has the ice needed to make any party a successful and memorable one.

Ice Cubes

Purchasing from an ice cube wholesaler can ensure getting the highest quality ice around. It hasn’t been sitting in the back of the warehouse waiting for the day when someone desperately needs the last bag. The water used is purest, and it undergoes stringent processing that conforms with PIQCS (Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards). The ice can be purchased in block or cube form. Ice cubes are sold in 5, 16 and 40-pound bags, whereas the blocks bags weigh 10 pounds each. If crushed ice is preferred, it is available in 25-pound bags.

Ice Luges

What would a party be without an ice luge to entertain the guests? With an ice luge, the guests can choose the liquor or beverage of their choice and then watch as the liquid travels through the carved channels in the luge, which chill it on the way to the glass. A luge can be ordered from the stock patterns, or a custom design can be created for a higher cost. Since a luge will melt, it’s a good idea to have it placed in the coolest area possible during the presentation. A luge is a crowd-pleaser that encourages guests to mingle with each other.

Ice Sculptures

Sculptures carved out of ice make a dramatic presentation at any event. The design is carved from the clearest ice available and can be abstract or realistic. Ice sculptures can be made to order, or the ice may be purchased in block form from ice cube wholesale in Suffolk County, NY and carved at home. When wanting to wow the crowd, an ice sculpture is a way to go.

Ice plays an integral part in parties, gatherings and all types of social events. It keeps things cool while the fun heats up. When wanting an ice sculpture or an ice luge for a specific event, it’s important to reserve it ahead of time to ensure that it’s ready for the big day. Click here to Know more.

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