Powder Coatings: Functional Finishing

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Coating

Powder coating has been around now for over 50 years ago. In Michigan, the application of this technique is popular among certain industries. They realize the benefits of applying a protective coating to their components. In order to ensure the product emerges according to specifications and the requirements of the client, finishing companies need to look at the available types of powder coatings.

Powder Coatings: Basic Types

Two major types of powder coatings are available to the finisher. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The finisher will make a selection based on the substrate as well as the recommended technique and the desired product. The two main types of powder coating are:

 * Thermoplastic Powders: Powder coatings of this type are designed to re-melt upon being heated. The powder melts and flows over the part like a liquid. Upon cooling off, the powder then solidifies.

 * Thermoset Powders: These powder coatings do not melt again upon being reheated. They are solid resins. They do not flow but merge or crosslink with the substrate or any other resin creating a compound substance.

Of these two types, the most common form employed in Michigan are thermoset coatings. They include epoxy as well as polyester an acrylic powder coatings.

Why Apply Powder Coatings?

Finishers apply powder coatings to many different components. Industrial applications are common as a means of improving the quality of the base component. The major reasons behind choosing to finish a part in this way include:

 * Aesthetics: The result of a powder coating is a high-quality finish that improves the overall appearance of a part and adds to the look of the finished product
 * Durability: Powder coating can increase the lifespan of a component
Improved efficiencies: This method of finishing can increase the ability of a part to function
 * Environmentally friendly: Powder coatings meet the increasingly exacting constraints of government agencies
 * Diversity: Powdered coating come in a wild array of shades and hues that span the color spectrum
 * Abrasion resistant: Powder coatings reduce the susceptibility of the material to scratches and other markings

Is it any wonder many industries turn to powder coatings? Indoor and outdoor machinery, as well as furniture and appliances benefit from powder coatings.

Powder Coating: Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

For those industries in Michigan who want to provide affordable protection to their products, powder coatings are an excellent way to do so. This method imbues improved qualities such as longevity and rust resistance. It also can provide a high quality surface that is attractive to look at. If you want a component to be environmentally friendly, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing, consider powder coating. It delivers.

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