Potential Benefits of Tile Floor Refinishing in Topeka, KS

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Home Improvement

Over time, tile floors can start to look less than their best. The grout can get stained, and the tiles can get chipped or cracked. However, it can be quite expensive and time-consuming to totally replace the floor. Another option is to simply refinish the flooring. This is similar to bathtub refinishing, where any damage is repaired, and a new coating is applied to the tile to give it a whole new look. There are a number of potential benefits to tile floor refinishing in Topeka KS.

Lower Cost

It’s a lot less expensive to refinish the old flooring than to rip it all out and put in all new tile flooring. This is what makes this a good option for people who are trying to redo their bathroom on a budget.

A Different Look

With tile Floor Refinishing in Topeka KS, it’s possible to give the flooring a whole new look. It can be made to look more like natural stone, for example, or just be a different color, depending on the wishes of the homeowner. Just keep in mind that the flooring usually all needs to be the same color, including where the grout lines are, so it isn’t possible to have fancy patterns in the tile. Some people like the idea of the grout being the same color, but others may not. It isn’t possible to get a new tile layout or change the size of the tiles, however, unless you actually rip out the old tiles and get new ones.

Easier to Clean

The new smooth surface of the flooring makes it easier to clean, as it covers the grout, so all that needs to be done is quickly wipe down the floor when it is dirty or mop it when it needs a bit more cleaning. The grout lines aren’t going to get as dirty anymore.

Potential Considerations

The main drawbacks to the process are that it can be messy and it will be two to three days before the bathroom can be used again. The products can be a bit smelly, and it isn’t really a do-it-yourself job, so it’s necessary to hire a professional to handle the floor refinishing.

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